169 People Have Overdose From Marijuana in Canada After Smoking LIGMA OG KUSH Strain

CANADA – Marijuana has officially been legalized in Canada making it the official hotbox of the world but it’s not all sunshine. There have been 169 reported marijuana overdoses since this morning.

Canadian agent Gottim Goach says “I know mary jane is some good sh*t but you have to learn to control it and this new LIGMA OG is just too strong for some”. It is not yet known how much marijuana the individuals consumed.

Reporters are telling us that most of the individuals who overdosed had so much marijuana in their system the patients would exhale smoke doctors around the patients would inhale the smoke unintentionally and get blazed the main connection these individual have is they smoked a new strain of marijuana know as LIGMA OG that is believed to have 10 times the level of Grand Daddy’s Daddy Master Purp Triple OG making LIGMA OG THC’s level over 9000!!! Making it the strongest strain of marijuana in world.

The names of the 169 victims, ranging from 14-58 years of age, have not been revealed and will most likely not be revealed. Canada will stay a hotbox for marijuana smokers. Rumors are they soon plan to legalize meth.

Keep you Canadian friends safe #dontsmokeligma

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes


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