12 NBA YoungBoy Groupies Allegedly Got Herpes After Smoking A Blunt With Him

NBA Youngboy has been open about his herpes allegations and confirmed he actually has the STD however that hasn’t stopped groupies from wanting the spend time with the young Baton Rouge rapper.

Most recently 12 groupies who say they smoked a blunt with the rapper in his tour bus have come forward with allegations they contracted the STD from NBA Youngboy.

Jania took to Instagram Live to discuss the controversy. “The hot topic of everyone right now is the herpes situation,” she began. “For him to even tell you guys that, that shows how much he don’t care about what ya’ll think. That shows a lot about a person, that’s something that ya’ll can’t hold over his head because, he told ya’ll. So, somebody else come out and talk about it, what can ya’ll say? He said it out his own mouth.”

“The same thing that’s in his blood, is the same thing that’s in my blood,” she continued. Jania who also has the STD says NBA Youngboy is not to be blamed.

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