11 Year Old Boy Arrested For Yodeling In A Walmart Store

MONTGOMERY, AL – An 11 year old african american boy was arrested by authorities sunday afternoon for reportedly yodeling in a local Walmart store.

Jason Jones, 11, was arrested by Montgomery police for yodeling in Walmart. According to Walmart employees, Jason was dressed in a cowboy-like outfit while he was yodeling. Walmart security then tackled Jason as he was in the middle of singing ‘Lovesick Blues’ by Hank Williams Sr. Jason was the detained until Montgomery police arrived and arrested him.

Jason admitted to being inspired by Mason Ramsey, another 11 year old Illinois boy who recently went viral after a video was captured of him also yodeling in a Walmart. “why didn’t y’all tackle that lil ass white kid?” Jason reportedly asked police before being told to shutup.

According to police, they did not arrest Jason for being black, they arrested him for “being terrible”. “He ruined a classic” said MPD officer John Grant. Jason has since been released but has been banned from all Walmart stores.

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Written by David Martinez


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