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Kanye West Looks To Be Featured On Future 100 Dollar Bill

WASHINGTON D.C. - There are reports being made that rapper Kanye West is currently attempting to have himself featured on an upcoming new hundred...

Chris Brown Accuses Former Girlfriend Kryptonite Of Cheating On Him With Drake

  LOS ANGELES - It is being reported that Chris Brown and his former girlfriend Kryptonite are currently exchanging words via Instagram. Chris Brown explains...

Washington Woman Is 2 Years Pregnant And Counting

Washington — Angie Dellora, a 32-year-old Bellingham resident, can’t take being pregnant anymore, as she begins her 23rd month of a pregnancy that doesn’t...

Super Bowl XLVIII Believed to have been Rigged and Currently Under Investigation by NFL

EAST RUTHERFORD - After The Seattle Seahawks victory over the Denver Broncos at the NFL's 48th Super Bowl with a final score of 43-8,...

After Nearly 18 Years, Tupac Shakur Now 43, Comes Out Of Hiding!

California, U.S. - Tupac Shakur who was supposedly killed at the age of 25 is now admitting he has been hiding this whole...