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Canada: Moose Escapes from Zoo and Goes on Cow-Raping Rampage

A moose that has escaped from the Calgary zoo is wreaking havoc on local farms in the area as the 2,000-pound beast has allegedly...

Find Out What You Will Look Like In 100 Years!

Have you ever wondered what you would look like in 100 years? In this age of technology we can now show you exactly what...

This Sheep Was Born With A Human Like Face You Won’t Believe Why They...

In a in village of Chirka, close to the Russian republic of Dagestan, a 45-year-old sheep farmer named Blasius Lavrentiev said he 'nearly died'...

Lil’ Wayne Signs Openly Gay “Throw That Boy P***y” Rapper Fly Young Red to...

Lil Wayne has signed openly gay rapper Fly Young Red to his record label Cash Money. Fly Young Red's video for the single Throw That...

NAACP Gives George Zimmerman Lifetime Achievement Award

The NAACP has decided to give George Zimmerman a lifetime achievement award. In a statement released on its website this morning, the organization's Florida branch...