[SPOILER] Simba Will Be A Vegan In The New Live Action “The Lion King”

From Disney Live Action, director Jon Favreau's all-new “The Lion King” journeys to the African savanna where a future king is born. Simba idolizes...

New Research Suggest That Men Who Cheat On Their Spouse Are More Honest And...

This, of course, begs the question: Why? Why do men really cheat? And why do they sometimes continue cheating after they’re caught, even in...

7 Out Of 10 People Suffer From LIGMA Get Tested Today By Answering These...

LIGMA is a serious condition professionals have set up this simple quiz that could help put your mind at ease please get tested now....

Man Kicked Out Of The Movies For Masturbating During The Incredibles 2

A man was kicked out of the movies after he was found masturbating during The Incredibles 2. The insane incident happened in Canada, where...

7 Of The Luckiest Casino Wins Ever

They say ‘fortune favors the brave’ and this can lead to some pretty reckless behavior in casinos all over the world. But every so...

Man Calls Girlfriend ‘Yanny’ During Sex, Swears He Said ‘Laurel’

James Beacon and Laurel Cunningham were mid-coitus last night when James did the unthinkable: called his girlfriend by the wrong name. Although Beacon clearly...
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